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November 22, 2010

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This week’s links:

Rebooting the American Dream” by Thom Hartmann

The Unintended Consequences of Raising the Retirement Age

Zestra: Something for the Ladies, er, Men

Porno Scanners:

The Real Story

The Creepy

The Idiocy

The Solution

More Stuff:

The Inside-Outside Approach

The Amnesia Problem

Tea Party Morons

Deficit is Simply not an Economic Problem

Ignore Job Crisis to Obsess Over Non-Existent Deficit Problem

No Schools in Ohio

So Much for Equal Pay

Are You Listening? It’s 8 out of 10

Holding the Middle Class Hostage

The Faux News Primary

“Lunatic Fringe”

The Lunatic Hall of Shame: Roger Ailes, The “He Who Shall not be Named” Enabler

And more on what Ailes us

The Facts on Fracking

Bubbly Methane

Loco Over Loko

15 Stories in 6 Days

Enjoy Your Turkey

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