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11/23/2014 Show

November 23, 2014


This week’s links:

Tone Deaf: The American People’s Agenda vs The GOPs Stated and Actual Plans

It’s Like a Whole ‘Nother History: Texas Schoolbooks Espouse God, the Free Market, and Appoint Moses as one of Our Founding Fathers

Obama and the Chinese Agree to Reduce Carbon Emissions

Keystone XL Pipeline Support is Based on Misinformation

Next, Everyone Gets a Horse… But No Shirt.

Is Obama the King of Executive Orders?

Actually, not so much…

11/16/2014 Show

November 16, 2014

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This week’s links:

Who Gave What to Whom: Which Candidates Got The Most Money from Corporations

Tax the Churches, Please!

More Money Overseas Than at Home

Net Neutrality: Ted Cruz Demonstrates His Ignorance on Yet Another Topic

Actually, We Really Don’t Want You to Vote

You’re Irish, the Irish are All Drunks, So we Can’t Hire You

Republicans Need Love, Too: Bizarre Right-Wing Dating Sites

11/09/2014 Show

November 9, 2014

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This Week’s Links:

Follow the Money: Who Spent What in the 2014 Election

Did Democrats Fail to Mention Obama’s Accomplishments?

Chinless Mitch and the 90 lbs of Cocaine

Good Luck With That: Obama’s Nominee for Attorney General

Boner Edits Out Key Parts of a Meeting with Obama? No Way!

Right Wing Christian Laws

Remembrance Day: British Poppies in a Beautiful Tribute

Bernie Sanders: Yet Another Great Idea

Inhofe Believes God’s Got Climate Change Solved

Joni Ernst Is One Crazy Lady

Florida Woman Named ISIS Wants a New Acronym

Breast Men: Better Think Twice

10/26/2014 Show

October 26, 2014

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This week’s links:

My Daddy Wants Probably Wants to Be President

Why That’s Not a Good Thing: The Carlyle Group

All The President’s Men: Ben Bradlee Gets the Last Word

NOW We Care About Ebola?


10/19/2014 Show

October 19, 2014

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This week’s links:

Scarier Than Ebola

Crazy Is As Crazy Does

Conservative Candidates Are Offering Us Their Best As The Election Approaches

The SCOTUS Likes the Texas Voter ID Law

No Indictment of Officer Wilson in Ferguson?

ISIS Hasn’t Gone Away, Ya Know… Lots of Updates All in One Place

10/12/2014 Show

October 12, 2014

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This week’s links:

Charlie Hample for the 97th District

Who represents YOU? Click this link to find out!

Voter Registration Info

Find Your Polling Place

Voter Statistics



10/5/2014 Show

October 5, 2014

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This week’s links:

The GOP Tackles ISIS:

It Would Be Funny If it Weren’t So Scary

Jeanine Pirro’s ISIS/ISIL Fear-Baiting Screed:

The Scary Video

The Scary Transcript

And Now for Some Facts About ISIS:

The Truth About the Threat from ISIS

The Military Industrial Complex Cashing in on ISIS

Secularists? Really?

Scalia Says the US Constitution Can Favor Religion

One Year Later: Has the GOP Learned Anything?

The Government Shutdown

The Stupid, It Burns:

He’s Baaaack! Crooked Tom DeLay Won’t Go Away

Ebola: Coming To Getcha?

EBOLA! Run! Or Not…

Weaponized Ebola

And if All That Doesn’t Scare You, Check THIS Out:

We’ve Killed Half the Species on the Planet in the Last 40 Years


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